Project Description

These cute and sometimes annoying rodents are found nesting in our attics, walls, basements and on occasion they will also accidentally fall down our chimneys – hopefully to be rescued or humanely re. They are notoriously loud, sometimes destructive and hosts to a variety of parasites. Squirrel removal is typically necessary because squirrels will take advantage of vulnerabilities in your home to gain access and most all homes are vulnerable. The Gray Squirrel especially will chew/make a hole to move in if they choose.

Squirrel removal can resolve most problems by removing the destructive species using humane traps and then repairing the openings. The less destructive Flying Squirrel can often be controlled using one-way doors and exclusion techniques on vulnerable areas to keep them out.

Squirrels in your gardens and yard can also pose problems on your property. Aggressive digging, chewing and probing can undo many plantings, turn over your grass and defoliate ornamental trees. This sort of behavior is not typically one that can be modified and is often resolved by humane squirrel removal.

Our years of experience helps to identify the species in question, the actions to take, location of openings and vulnerabilities, and the aesthetic repair.