Project Description

Bat Removal

Encountering a bat in your house, discovering you have an issue with them living in the house, or in the attic can be disconcerting. Please know that bats want nothing to do with us, aren’t naturally aggressive towards us and very few carry the rabies virus. If you have an emergency with a bat in the living area of your home – click here.

Large Brown and Small Brown bats are the most common structure dwelling species in our area and love the opportunities our homes provide for them to colonize, hibernate and have their young. Fortunately, bats are not destructive animals and bat removal can be done humanely while excluding them from the structure.

Bat Exclusion

Bat Exclusion is detailed, guaranteed work focused on eliminating active and potential openings 1/4”-3/8” around the eaves, trim/fascia, roofline, chimneys, flashing, drip-edge, ridge vents and so much more. One-way doors (exclusion valves) are applied at the same time to allow the bats to exit in the course of their nightly feeding on a mostly mosquito diet (to our benefit).

Our decades of experience, attention to aesthetics and knowledge of home design, provide the cleanest looking and most effective treatment in the industry. Within just a couple days of a bat exclusion your home should be bat proofed and bat-free.